Heather Lea Rowe

Birth: Jan. 15, 1971
Orange County
California, USA

Death: Aug. 20, 2008
White Tanks
Maricopa County
Arizona, USA

Click on this link for the National Suicide Life Line website

If you need help,
please dial 1-800-273-8255

Daughter to Raymond Stewart Rowe & Deborah Sue (Hillis)
Granddaughter to Ralph Clarence Rowe & Veda Katherine (Stewart) Rowe
Niece to Helen Zoa Rowe & Jean Lavon Rowe

Heather was found Aug 21, 2008 in her truck in the desert near the foothills of White Tank Mountains directly in line with the home the family all last lived, in an apparent suicide. Heather was last seen alive the morning of the 19th.

[NEW INFO] There are times when some families wish not to discuss suicide, claiming to protect the dignity of the deceased. This family believes that if the deceased had been worried about their dignity they wouldn't have done what they did. Suicide is the ultimate cry out to be heard. There is a reason they do what they do and that reason must be heard. Not to help the one who has already passed, but to help someone not to follow this path. So it is for that reason and the fact that I'm a genealogist and deal with facts and documents, I plan to report anything I learn about this.
I know Heather spent many years fighting with depression. This started, as far as I know, when she was a teen. Depression has become an epidemic in this country and suicide is far too frequent these days in beautiful young people to keep ignoring. We all need to do something about this. Reach out when you can to these people, learn about this epidemic and hopefully you may help someone. I wish I had done so much more for Heather.

Heather--- You were a beautiful, sweet, caring, bright and happy child. I spent many a weekend and summer night at your house tending to you, your brother and sister. I changed your diapers, took you potty, warmed your bottles, and fed you with a spoon. I held you when you cried and picked you up and brushed you off when you fell. I played with you and laughed with you and put you to bed at night when I babysat you.
The whole family was tight nit back then. You all laughed and played to the music of your Grandpa Rowe, your Great Uncle Bill, Andy & Bud. Those were good times had by all.
Then due to a extremely bitter divorce of your parents, I was stripped from being your aunt and you were taught to hate me. No one can tell me exactly why. At a time in your life when you really needed me to hold you when you cried and pick you up and brush you off when you fell, I wasn't allowed, I'm so sorry for that! I wish now I had pushed the issue way back then and maybe I wouldn't have gone to your funeral on what would have been your parents 40th wedding anniversary.

I've always loved you and always will no matter what, that's what families do.

You'll forever be in my heart.

Your loving Aunt Helen