Motto Translated: Innocent but not fearful

The name Rowe comes from the ancient Norman culture that was established in Britain after the Conquest of 1066. It was a name for a person with red hair. Looking back even further, we found the name was originally derived from the Old French "le rous," meaning "redhead."
That's all well and good but our branch of the Rowe's don't go back that far. In fact our branch is really the bastard branch of the Rowe family. Starting with a boy who was born Perran Richards 15 Mar 1741 in Perranuthnoe, Cornwall, , England. His christening record actually states he was the bastard son of Margaret Richards, the father was never named. On 11 Mar 1748, in Madron, Cornwall, England Margaret married a man by the name of William Rowe. Perran then took his step father's name Rowe and there begins this branch of the Rowe Family.
Since there are many Perran Rowe's through out this branch, this Perran will forever be known as Perran Richards Rowe. Perran married Frances Barns born 15 Jul 1744 in St. Erth, Cornwall, England she was the daughter of Charles Barns & Sarah (Williams) Barns. Perran and Frances were married 5 May 1770 in Perranuthnoe, Cornwall, England. They had 5 children, daughter Frances Rowe (1770-1847), daughter Christian Rowe (1772-1846), son John Rowe (1775-1852), son Perran Rowe (1776-1858), daughter Margaret Rowe (1778-1835). Perran Richards Rowe died 3 Jul 1803 in Perranuthnoe, Cornwall, England and Frances followed him in death 4 Jun 1825 in Marazion, Cornwall, England.
It is my goal to find as many descendants of Perran Richards Rowe as I can find. I have already found some that are still in England. For now I'm compiling this information on the site and will send you an invite to view the information I have on there. This invite is for family only so they can add their current information to what I have on there. Only invited family members can view the living information.

My line from Perran Richards Rowe goes like this.....

Perran Richards Rowe (1741-1803) & Frances Barns (1744-1826)
John Rowe (1775-1852) & Thomasine Symons (1766-1839)
Perran Rowe (1806-1869) & Mary Ann Stoddon (1807-1871)
William Rowe (1841-1913) & Ann Curnow "Nanny" Richards (1844-1927)
Perran James Rowe (1865-1929) & Hattie Elizabeth Moody (1875-1952)
Walter William Rowe (1893-1968) & Zoa Elizabeth DeGraffenried (1901-1980) my grandparents.

This line of Rowe's were mostly tin and copper miner's in Cornwall. When the mining industry in Cornwall started to slow, William Rowe came to America and worked in the coal mining industry as did his son and his grandson, my grandfather. It was my grandfather Walter William Rowe who then broke away from this mold and according to daddy's autobiography started working a lumber yard and then later got into welding. One of the first welders in the state of Oklahoma. According to daddy, in 1936 there was a freeze in California that sent him there to weld a pipe line to feed the smudge pots for the citrus groves. Soon he sent for the rest of the family and it was then this branch came and stayed in California. From Walter's welding business, named Rowe & Son's he then helped in the forming of Local 250 Pipefitter's union. Where his son's and even grandson's followed.

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Helen Rowe